IRL The Series Commits to Providing Diversity in Canadian Television

Diversity has become a major topic of discussion in the entertainment industry in recent years. It’s no secret that audiences are looking for more diverse representation in the Film and Television industry.

A large part of Canadian principle is our cultural diversity, and Toronto has one of the most diverse populations in Canada! A large number of the artists that represent our city are visible minorities, so you would think that incorporating diversity in Canadian content would be easy.

But sadly, visible minorities, women and LGBTQ+ individuals are still too often given the short end of the stick.

Now with the CRTC ruling allowing more international-based productions to be considered “Canadian”, Canadian voices are being quieted even further.

“Our major Canadian cities are very cosmopolitan,” says Alexander Wong (who plays Alex in IRL), “Having diverse voices both behind and in front of the camera would be an accurate representation of our society.”

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