Stephanie Baird

ACTRA Apprentice
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Vocal Range: Soprano

Film & Television

MY ROOMMATE’S AN ESCORT // 103/104/108// Megan (recurring) // MRAE Productions / Katie Uhlmann
IRL: THE SERIES // 104 // Lucy (Actor) // IRL Productions / Bobby Del Rio
THE L.A. COMPLEX // 208 // Andrea’s Assistant (recurring/ non-speaking) // Epitome Pictures Inc. / Stefan Brogren
THE L.A. COMPLEX // 206/07 // Andrea’s Assistant (recurring / non-speaking) // Epitome Pictures Inc. / Bruce McDonald
VOGUE’D // Principal // York University / Emily Powell
KINKY AND THE BRAIN // Lead // York University / Farrahnaz Bulsara
COLLISION INSIDE // Lead // Transistance Productions / Adrian Daniels
PROMOTIONAL VIDEO // Principal // Hope For The Sold / Chloe Gedmintas
THE TRUTH ABOUT HONESTY // Lead // Truth Productions / Self-Produced/Directed**


DON’T DRESS FOR DINNER // Suzanne // Cambridge Players / John Snowdon
DAMN YANKEES // Lynch / Dancing Ensemble // Scarborough Music Theatre / Issy Truman, Andrea Van Slyke, F Darryl Burton
9 TO 5: THE MUSICAL // Candy Striper / Ensemble // Scarborough Music Theatre / Cory Doran, Ori Siegel, Sabrina Hooper
ONLY THE WEAK // Improv and Sketch Comedy Troupe Member
HOMECHILD: THE MUSICAL // Ellyn // Stonehome Productions / Steve Sherry, Jim Hanenberg, Barb Perkins
MOON OVER BUFFALO // Eileen // Scarborough Theatre Guild / Jim Hyslop
RUN FOR YOUR WIFE // Barbara Smith // Working Reel Productions Inc. / Buddy Brennan
ROMANTIC COMEDY // Phoebe Craddock // Century Church Theatre / Dale Jones**
THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW // Narrator Understudy / Ensemble // Randolph Academy / Thomas Morgan Jones, Jeannie Wyse, Kerry Gage
THE PENELOPIAD // Zoe / Ithacan Maid // Randolph Academy / Rosanna Saracino
NO EXIT // Inès Serrano // Randolph Academy Studio / Rosanna Saracino
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM // Helena // Randolph Academy Studio / Darlene Spencer
WAITING FOR GODOT // Estragon // Randolph Academy Studio / Alexis Butler
THE ODD COUPLE // Florence Unger // Randolph Academy Studio / Rosanna Saracino


BRITISH HOME CHILD DAY // Feature Singer // Black Creek Pioneer Village / Barb Perkins
THEATRE20 PRESS RELEASE // Singer // Randolph Chorale / Mark Wilson (2011)


ROMANTIC COMEDY // Best Debut Performance (Nomination) // ACT-CO THEA
THE TRUTH ABOUT HONESTY // Finalist // TIFF Young Filmmakers Showcase – Sprockets
TV & VIDEO PRODUCTION // Gold Medalist // Skills Canada Regional
THE PROBLEM // Award of Excellence Directing // Eric Coates / Sears Drama Festival
LORNA // Award of Excellence Playwriting // Sears Drama Festival


SCENE STUDY Rosanna Saracino, Darlene Spencer, M. John Kennedy, Peter Van Wart
FILM Theresa Sears, David Switzer, Michael D. Cohen, Dylan Roberts, Steven McCarthy, Douglas Nyback
VOICE Denise Norman, Melanie Windle, Michael Armstrong
SINGING Michael Donovan, Jeannie Wyse, Deborah Tennant, John Hughes, Jeffrey Huard, Mark Wilson
MOVEMENT Melinda Little, Susan Free
JAZZ Siona Jackson, Derek Sangster, Karen Andrew, Heather Leslie
BALLET Camdice Helm, Sandra Long, Teresa McMillan
TAP Stephanie Ramphos, Teresa McMillan
WORKSHOPS: Faye Rauw, Peter Buzny, Martine Lamy, Gerald Isaac
SHAKESPEARE Darlene Spencer
STAGE COMBAT Todd Campbell, Casey Hudecki

Special Skills

Producer, Visual Arts (Conté, Charcoal, Painting, Design), Web Development/Design, Dance (Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop), Choreographer, Cooking, Hand Sewing, Knitting, Crochet, Recreational Sports (Downhill Skiing, Can Swim).