Dark Brown Eyes is going to Ukraine!

Dark Brown Eyes Ukraine

I am thrilled to announce that Dark Brown Eyes has been accepted to the Equality Film Festival and will be making it’s World Premiere in Ukraine!

About Dark Brown Eyes

Dark Brown Eyes is a short film written and directed by first time filmmaker Yasmin Bertew. Young Sara (Soin) struggles with society’s views on her religion of Islam, and what she truly knows it to be. The film also stars Tyler Manning as Michael and Liam Ives as Tyler. Dark Brown Eyes was filmed in the Spring of 2016.

About the Festival

“Equality festival was created at 2014 as the platform where culture, creativity and social activism can meet and connect in a variety of combinations. It`s annual event in Ukraine that unite diverse people in their fight against prejudice and discrimination. Our goal is to provide a space and interactive discussion platform for different identities. We want to live in society where dialogue is possible and violence is unacceptable. Together we will be able to build social dialogue in Ukraine, using art as the one of the most effective methods to combat prejudices against different social groups.” – FilmFreeway

Visit the Equality Festival website for more information about the festival!

As a producer on this film, I would like to thank the cast, crew and our other supporters who dedicated their time and efforts to help create this film!