Scene Creek Review: 77 Days

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77 Days, a short from first time director Shailene Garnett, tells the story of a woman returning home to her family after a stint in rehab. The family has been through a lot with Shailene and her time in rehab is the latest in a long series of attempts to heal. In returning to her […]

Romantic Comedy - ACT-CO Nomination (2012)

Romantic Comedy Explores the Eccentric Mindset

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Stephanie Baird admirably presents Phoebe Craddock as the naïve Vermont school teacher who Carmichael takes under his wing as a writing partner. As Phoebe rises to prominence as a writer, Ms. Baird injects the proper maturity into her performance, while being mindful to bring across the basic goodness that prevents success from going to Phoebe’s head.

An indication that a performance has succeeded is when audience members have questions about the characters’ innate motivations.

Ms. Baird left this reviewer asking: Is this the true, unconditional love where Phoebe is willing to accept Jason’s many personality flaws, or is she a romantic basket case hopelessly addicted to the man’s fame and brilliance?